Limited Time Shirts Benefiting Fight the War Within

Fight the War Within Foundation is honored to be partnering with veteran owned Nine Line Apparel to raise funds for our mission! For a limited time, Nine Line Apparel will be selling Fight the War Within shirts and hoodies to support our initiative to build a peer support network for those fighting internal wars and their families.

With the collaboration of Nine Line’s incredible graphic design team, we were able to create a shirt that not only exudes our mission, but also depicts who we are as an organization. We modified our logo on the front of the shirt, so that our heart icon would be positioned over the left chest – a location where, when one says the Pledge, one places their hand over their heart. The back of the shirt carries our words: “You are not alone” and “Fight On, Warriors”, over a Rorschach type depiction of a man and woman, showing the psychological and mental turmoil that is central to our organization’s mission and origin.

Proceeds from the sale of this design will go directly towards our mission and our initiatives – supporting peer network development, establishing therapy groups, and facilitating access to resources for those struggling and in need of a hand.

Be sure to use Coupon Code LIVE20, and an additional 20% will be donated to Fight the War Within. The sale ends June 8th, so get yours TODAY!

And in the meantime, Fight On, Warriors.

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