Coffee with a Cause

As a brand new nonprofit organization, we lean heavily on our partners and supporters to help us achieve our mission. Every cent donated goes towards our cause, our overhead costs are covered by our board, and our team consists entirely of volunteers. So when another organization offers to contribute to our fundraising and awareness efforts, we do not turn them down.

Our most recent partner that has come onboard is 22 Sierra Coffee Company, a veteran owned coffee company passionate about the veteran suicide epidemic. Their slogan “Coffee with a Cause” embodies their approach to their organization. 

Co-owner, Joseph Kidwell, USAF (ret.), states, ““I helped start this company because of my passion for helping fellow veterans and my love for coffee. I wanted to be able to provide high-quality coffee to the pro-American and Veteran communities all while raising support and awareness of the unacceptable suicide rate occurring within my community.”

Patrick Little, 22 Sierra’s other co-owner, also served in the USAF.

“While serving in the Air Force, we lost a few friends to suicide. After separating, we wanted to make a difference anyway we could. 22 Sierra Coffee Co. was founded to be an avenue for awareness about the Veteran suicide epidemic, a platform to share the stories of those we’ve lost and not let them be forgotten, and to use the sale of coffee as a way to generate contributions to organizations leading the fight to end it. The niche we are in due to this mission, has allowed us to network with the families of those we have lost to this epidemic, as well as other Veterans and survivors. 

We wanted to partner with Fight the War Within Foundation as a resource for these families and Veterans. We believe in what Fight the War Within Foundation is doing and want to help make their impact as big as possible. Because of this, we wanted to offer FTWW an exclusive coffee and effectively become a free addition to their marketing strategy. The coffee helps spread awareness of the organization and will serve as an avenue for contributions by us giving back 25% of profits each quarter.”

-Patrick Little, Co-Owner, 22 Sierra Coffee

Those interested in supporting Fight the War Within, can utilize coupon code 22FTWW for 10% off your order at – and a portion of proceeds will be donated to our organization. 

22 Sierra has also announced that they will be producing a special blend in memory of SPC Garrett Briggs, in whose memoriam Fight the War Within was founded by his wife, Miranda. A dark roast, African espresso blend, Garrett’s Blend is a smooth and bold dark roast coffee available as ground or whole bean. 25% of profits from this blend will also be donated to Fight the War Within.

So go to their website, grab a bag (or two, or three…) and help us, help those struggling with mental illness.

Get your bag of Garrett’s Blend here:

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