Turning the Tide on Suicide

Killeen, Texas – January 30, 2021

By Amy Headrick, Outreach Coordinator, Fight the War Within

Never did we imagine that we would be traveling so quickly outside of the Savannah area. We did though, our networking took us to Killeen, Texas. This started out as a class and a  Buddy Watch Walk, but ended up to be so much more.

On January 30, Fight the War Within, Pam’s Magic Sauce, God Outreach Ministries and Buddy Watch Walk welcomed several Veteran organizations and advocates to the Ft. Hood area for a workshop and 2.2 mile walk.

Fight the War Within and Armed Forces Mission presented the Intervene Challenge founded by LTC. Lou Koon. The three-hour seminar is designed to teach individuals what to look for in terms of suicidal warning signs, as well as how to help those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts.

One thing we have experienced, over and over, is that is going to take us ALL. All the different nonprofits coming together to fill in the gaps. Where one organization is short, another one picks up. Texas was no disappointment in that regard. We met with so many different organizations. Just to name a few: American Legion, Mission 22, Theygotyour6, Flags of Honor, RWB-Killeen Chapter, and Project Roll Call.

Not only did we get to meet with members of these organizations, whose missions are so aligned with ours, but they were able to take the Intervene Challenge with Lou Koon of Armed Forces Mission. They were able to see what we at Fight the War Within Foundation, in partnership with Lou Koon, are doing with the Intervene Challenge. Now, you may be wondering, how did we get an invite all the way in Texas? That was through our good friend, John Ring of Buddy Watch Walk. Like us, John understands the importance of bringing other organizations together, and he has worked all along his travels to do just that.

As I got to walk my first official walk with Buddy Watch Walk, I looked around in amazement at the people from all walks of life, walking together for the same cause. From getting tattoos (Fight on Warrior; ) to seeing Lou reach so many people, to walking with everyone, I will never forget our Texas adventure, and I can’t wait to see where the future takes us!

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