Lambda Sigma Pi Service Day

By Julie Glenn of Lambda Sigma Pi Sorority

During these crazy times with Covid its harder than ever to find places to spend time at and volunteer all across the country. This is because various establishments won’t allow outside visitors at Nursing homes or women’s shelters for example. That did not stop the ladies of Lambda Sigma Pi in Rolla, Missouri. This is a Woman’s service organization based at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Martin Luther King weekend is a time that the girls volunteer in the community every year. They had to get creative and find ways to help even though they could not spend time in person with the various organizations around town. This is when the partner-ship with the Fight the War Within began. 

 There is a need to send words of encouragement or supplies at various shelters. Fight the War within provided many inspirational quotes that the girls mass printed to spread on their University campus, to insert in gift baskets filled with essential items that get dropped off at women’s shelter and Valentines bags for the nursing home. All done to bring smile to peoples faces and lift spirits. The ladies decorated the cards with glitter, various drawings and pops of color. They may not have been able to meet on location but instead got a hotel room for a few days and organized shopping trips for gift baskets and valentines. Then the hotel transformed to a craft room and project stations were set up to divvy up the basket contents. The little gifts bags for the nursing home got lined up as well. 

Another cool project that the girls worked on that can help the environment was conducted as well. They gathered old t shirts that they fashioned into reusable grocery bags. Those T-shirt bags got dropped off at the local food pantry and prevented the need for multiple plastic bags to be utilized. 

Fight The War Within contributed money towards the baskets and crafts. This is enabled the girls to have projects that they could drop off for various organizations, food pantry and nursing homes around town.  The girls got to work on making the baskets, and notes full of encouragement and love.

Our tip to others is find a place in hotel or someone’s basement and set up stations. You might not be able to be in person with those organizations that you love to volunteer with but you could still gather a small group of friends and get a lot done. Turn up the music and get to crafting. This will help your own personal mental health by helping others but also the recipients get a boost of love as well. It’s a two way street in that aspect.  Even if its just sending notes of love and encouragement, that little bit of attention can do wonders to someone’s self of esteem.  Good Luck and know that ways to volunteer can still happen!!

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