Turning the Tide on Suicide

Killeen, Texas – January 30, 2021 By Amy Headrick, Outreach Coordinator, Fight the War Within Never did we imagine that we would be traveling so quickly outside of the Savannah area. We did though, our networking took us to Killeen, Texas. This started out as a class and a  Buddy Watch Walk, but ended upContinue reading “Turning the Tide on Suicide”

The End of the Pier

By Miranda Briggs Fight the War Within Foundation crossed paths with the founder of Buddy Watch Walk, John Ring, this past summer and immediately knew that we were going to work together in the future. We had no clue that the future would be so soon or that the impact would be so immense.  TheContinue reading “The End of the Pier”

Weathering the Darkness

The importance that a single moment holds is beyond the power that any words could ever explain. Whether dark or bright, every second of time carries significance. Whether we comprehend that in the most vital times is not always up to us. Time is our drill sergeant and it will smoke the shit out ofContinue reading “Weathering the Darkness”

Guest Appearance on Military Makeover!

Copyright Military Makeover and the Lifetime Network. Man, these last few months have been IMMENSE for all of us here at FTWWF. With our 3rd and 4th rounds of care packages delivered to first responders, our recent online t-shirt partnership with Nine Line Apparel, nonstop meetings with partner organizations, promoting our Helping Our Heroes support group in SavannahContinue reading “Guest Appearance on Military Makeover!”

Kick Off Weekend

Greetings, warriors! Life has been CRAZY over here in Savannah, Georgia lately. So much has been happening and we have so many of YOU to thank for the love, support, and for being a part of this crazy family! This last weekend, we launched our official kickoff and it was really something special. This weekendContinue reading “Kick Off Weekend”

Coffee with a Cause

As a brand new nonprofit organization, we lean heavily on our partners and supporters to help us achieve our mission. Every cent donated goes towards our cause, our overhead costs are covered by our board, and our team consists entirely of volunteers. So when another organization offers to contribute to our fundraising and awareness efforts,Continue reading “Coffee with a Cause”

It All Started as a Crazy Idea

When Miranda texted me and said, “Dude, we need to start our own nonprofit!” I said, “Yeah, that’d be awesome. Just let me know when,” and didn’t really know if it would ever come to fruition. We were both busy young moms, Miranda running her own swimming coaching business, and me working full time andContinue reading “It All Started as a Crazy Idea”

Limited Time Shirts Benefiting Fight the War Within

Fight the War Within Foundation is honored to be partnering with veteran owned Nine Line Apparel to raise funds for our mission! For a limited time, Nine Line Apparel will be selling Fight the War Within shirts and hoodies to support our initiative to build a peer support network for those fighting internal wars andContinue reading “Limited Time Shirts Benefiting Fight the War Within”

April Initiative – Healthcare Workers on the Front Lines

By Miranda Briggs, CEO and Founder of Fight the War Within Foundation Mental health can have a different definition to different people. For us here at Fight the War Within Foundation, we believe that mental health is an inevitable part of every person’s life, regardless of what journey they are on. One certainty that weContinue reading “April Initiative – Healthcare Workers on the Front Lines”