In Remembrance

This speech was given by FTWWF founder and President Miranda Briggs, at the Man22 Suicide Awareness Run in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Saturday, May 22nd, 2021. Spoken straight from the heart, her words echo the same sentiments that many of us feel during this time of year as we remember those who gave it all. InContinue reading “In Remembrance”

The Power of Charity Work

Written by Scott Wiman, former Green Beret and founder of Call In The Cavalry nonprofit for military veterans Over the past ten years of being out of the military, I’ve noticed that the process of adjusting back to a civilian lifestyle can go smoothly for some military veterans, whereas others can really struggle with it. Continue reading “The Power of Charity Work”

Weathering the Darkness

The importance that a single moment holds is beyond the power that any words could ever explain. Whether dark or bright, every second of time carries significance. Whether we comprehend that in the most vital times is not always up to us. Time is our drill sergeant and it will smoke the shit out ofContinue reading “Weathering the Darkness”

In Her Own Words

A Law Enforcement Office and Army Reservist’sPersonal Mental Health Struggle By Esperanza Cafuné  I was the only First Responder in the room with a therapist, a dancer, and the instructor.  She said, “Grab a book and find and write 10 words, which could be nouns.” So I did. Lava, volcanically, smoke, seafloor, eruptions, interior, melting,Continue reading “In Her Own Words”

PTSD and First Responders: A Mental Health Emergency on the Homefront

Police, Fire, EMS and dispatch are all a part of your emergency response. People look at them as extra ordinary people, some say “Heroes”. However, they are just humans that care. They are humans that want to make a difference in their little piece of this world. Everyday they get up to go to workContinue reading “PTSD and First Responders: A Mental Health Emergency on the Homefront”